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Photos: Rodarte Show @ New York Fashion Week

Hello, everyone! Brie attended Rodarte Show, during the New Your Fashion Week and we have the first images added in our gallery. More to come!

brielarsonarchives_20180909NYFWRodarte_002.jpg brielarsonarchives_20180909NYFWRodarte_003.jpg brielarsonarchives_20180909NYFWRodarte_001.jpg brielarsonarchives_20180909NYFWRodarte_006.jpg

Gallery Updates: Photoshoots from 2012 to 2016

Hello, friends! I was finally able to added more photoshoots and portraits of Brie from 2012 to 2016 and I’ve replaced some of the pictures with high quality versions. The gallery was updated with over 360 photos, enjoy!

BRIEBR497.jpg BRIEBR001.jpg BRIEBR013.jpg BRIEBR010.jpg
BRIEBR003.jpg BRIEBR001.jpg BRIEBR001.jpg BRIEBR002.jpg
BRIEBR004.jpg BRIEBR001.jpg BRIEBR015.jpg BRIEBR003.jpg
BRIEBR010.jpg BRIEBR019.jpg BRIEBR004.jpg BRIEBR011.jpg
BRIEBR003.jpg BRIEBR006.jpg BRIEBR001.jpg BRIEBR004.jpg

“Basmati Blues” Screencaptures

“Basmati Blues” Screencaptures

Our gallery was updated with HD screencaptures of Brie Larson as Linda in Basmati Blues. Enjoy!


World Premiere Of Disney And Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

World Premiere Of Disney And Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Yesterday (April 23), Brie Larson attended the World Premiere Of Disney And Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War in Los Angeles alongside Alex Greenwald. The movie hits theaters on April 26. Over 300 high quality pictures were added to our gallery, enjoy!

BRIEBR031.jpg BRIEBR032.jpg BRIEBR034.jpg BRIEBR040.jpg

Marvel chief Kevin Feige talked about Captain Marvel during the red carpet, you can watch below:

Gallery Update: “Bitter Orange” & “Weighting” Screencaptures

Hello, friends! Our gallery was updated with screencaptures, posters and stills from two short films that Brie starred back in 2013, Bitter Orange and Weighting. You can also watch them on our video vault.


“Greenberg,” “House Broken” & “United States of Tara” Screencaptures

“Greenberg,” “House Broken” & “United States of Tara” Screencaptures

Hi, everyone! First of all, I’m sorry for the lack of updates later. I’ve experienced some issues with my computer but now I’m back. Our gallery was updated last month with High Quality screencaptures of two movies “Greenberg” and “House Broken”, we also uploaded “United States of Tara” Season 2 & Season 3 screencaptures. Enjoy!

BRIEBR_65bd1bfd.jpg BRIEBR-GREENBERG2010-0019.jpg BRIEBR-GREENBERG2010-0091.jpg BRIEBR-GREENBERG2010-0233.jpg
BRIEBR_1799b79b.jpg  BRIEBR-HOUSEBROKEN2009-0012.jpg BRIEBR-HOUSEBROKEN2009-0068.jpg BRIEBR-HOUSEBROKEN2009-0090.jpg
BRIEBRUSOT203-0144.jpg BRIEBRUSOT202-0035.jpg BRIEBRUSOT203-0113.jpg BRIEBRUSOT205-0156.jpg